Ndustrial Lineage Logistic Energy Savings Initiatives

ndustrial Lineage Logistics nSight Coincident Peak Energy Savings

Lineage Logistics is a supply chain company working to reduce food waste and eliminate food insecurity by optimizing the food distribution process. Here in North Carolina, the Lineage Logistics Tar Heel facility leveraged ndustrial’s nSight Coincident Peak solution to create over $2.5 million in energy savings this year. This not only saved money, it also removed 2MW of energy off the utility grid during peak energy demand periods.

The ndustrial nSight Coincident Peak solution was specifically created to forecast electric grid peaks, allowing factories to avoid expensive power consumption periods and help manage the electric grid. The nSight Coincident Peak solution allowed Lineage Logistics to maintain quality production standards while simultaneously achieving the lowest possible cost-per-unit of production.