City of Charlotte
CATS Electric Bus Program

Charlotte Area Transit System (CATS)
Electric Bus Program

The CATS electric bus pilot program is focused on bringing cleaner air to residents of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg region. As we know, electric buses are one of the smartest clean-air strategies because they remove one of the most common irritants of asthma-not to mention other respiratory diseases-directly from the front porches of poorer communities and communities of color that have been historically burdened with higher pollution levels. To advance Charlotte’s equity goals, this electric bus partnership will prioritize the City’s “Corridors of Opportunity,” which are identified under-invested areas of the region. These also happen to be areas experiencing the highest pollution rates-especially along freight corridors and highways-that will benefit most immediately from these investments. This pilot project supports both the City’s ambitious climate goals and will provide public health benefits throughout the region. CATS serves as a model for other municipalities and transit agencies around the country.