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Software Quality Impacts Product Performance AND Revenue


In summer of 2010, TimelyText’s former customer, John Hudepohl, an accomplished software quality expert, phoned with a plea for help. His new employer, ABB, realized they had a problem that was manifesting itself in significant lost revenue. A globaTimelyText_Story_of_Innovation_Graphic.jpgl technology leader in industrial equipment and systems, ABB’s software development team consists of approximately 3,000 software developers in 40 countries worldwide, impacting about one quarter of ABB’s revenue. After some analysis, the company had concluded the revenue problem could be traced back to quality issues related to certain legacy software driving some of its products. Hudepohl had been hired to address the issues.




Training is a Key Performance Driver


Hudepohl found that the root of the problem rested in a lack of consistency with a broad set of standards governing the development and implementation of ABB’s embedded product software. In the past, ABB’s software activities were often overlooked because most of the company’s software was sold as part of hardware products. Today’s competitive markets often dictate that a product’s software content be a key differentiating factor, meaning software development must follow best-in-class practices. Hudepohl created a plan to roll out extensive training in an effort to help standardize the various facets of software development for ABB personnel worldwide. Initially, TimelyText was charged with assembling a small team to develop e-learning courseware for deployment to an estimated 2,500 employees throughout ABB.



Strong Content + Engaging Delivery = Repeatable Success


Within the first year, the course delivery format migrated to a virtual model, primarily via webinars. TimelyText personnel designed the courses and facilitated delivery, with a subject matter expert from ABB on hand to field questions. Over the course of the next six years, metrics showed that more than 10,000 training events had been delivered through the end of 2016. (Naturally, some of those were to individuals who elected to take multiple courses.) The program was deemed such a success that Hudepohl presented an abstract and showcased it at the International Conference on Software Engineering, held in India. Positive employee feedback and manager requests for additional webinars sustained the program far beyond its originally projected 2-year life span.


ABOUT TimelyText

For more than 20 years, TimelyText has provided talent and services for Instructional Design, Technical Writing, Corporate Communications, Marketing Communications, Editing, and Project Management of communication-related projects. While most of our business has been with large, multinational corporations, we are well diversified, offering top-notched services to small and medium-sized business, too. Over the years, we have employed hundreds of communication professionals, making both our domain knowledge, and our familiarity with the talent pool, unparalleled.

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