New Report Shows Smart Grid Dominance in the Triangle

Research Triangle Region, N.C. — The Research Triangle Regional Partnership (RTRP) released findings today showing the smart grid sector in the Triangle region has 60 percent more firms now than previously known just two years ago. Ninety-six smart grid companies were identified in the Triangle, up from 59 in 2011. The total count is 200 firms when including companies that specialize in efficient water management and efficient transportation. Fourteen percent of those companies have been established in the last five years, suggesting rapid growth in one of the main sectors of the cleantech industry in the region.

“The Research Triangle region is a global leader in cleantech and this study shows that this sector of our economy is growing in size and impact,” said Lee Anne Nance, managing director of the Research Triangle Cleantech Cluster (RTCC) and executive vice president for the RTRP. “Our region leads in cleantech, with hundreds of companies and thousands of employees engaged in creating the energy, water and transportation systems of the future.”

The RTCC, established in 2011 by the RTRP, is carrying out a plan to continue to make the Triangle region the global hub of cleantech innovation and the top destination for cleantech and smart grid companies. RTI International conducted the study entitled, “Characterizing Smart Transportation, Smart Water and Smart Grid in the Research Triangle Region.”

“The RTRP – comprised of economic development agencies and a wide range of public and private partners to market the Triangle region for new jobs and investment – is the organization that recognized cleantech as an economic strength in this region and organized a program to leverage and grow this vibrant part of our economy,” said Charles Hayes, president and CEO of the RTRP. “Economies are regional and the RTRP’s efforts to increase our competitiveness and unite communities are centered around a shared vision to bring opportunity to all citizens, in urban and rural communities.”

The RTRP works to extend the success of the urban core to the outlying more-rural counties of the region. There are companies in every county in the region involved in the RTCC. For example, Semprius, specializing in solar electricity, has the company’s R&D group based in Durham and manufacturing in Vance County.

Through its open source culture, the RTCC is leading the way to bring all partners to the table, enabling competitors to collaborate together for the benefit of all.

“The value of having an organization that unites stakeholders around a shared goal is more important now than ever,” added Hayes. “These findings further indicate regional collaboration powers economic growth.” 

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The Research Triangle Regional Partnership leads economic development for the Research Triangle Region of North Carolina, the area within a 60-mile radius of the Raleigh-Durham International Airport and the Research Triangle Park. The RTRP comprises economic development agencies across the region, who work with a wide range of public and private partners to market the region for new investment and direct strategic efforts to ensure the region remains economically competitive. For more information, visit

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The Research Triangle Cleantech Cluster is an initiative of business, government, academic and nonprofit leaders working to accelerate the cleantech economy and is led by an 11-member board of directors. The Research Triangle Regional Partnership formed and manages the RTCC with funding from industry members ABB Inc., Cisco Systems, Duke Energy, Field2Base Inc., Power Analytics Corp., PowerSecure International, RTI International, SAS, Schneider Electric, Sensus and Siemens. RTRP is a public-private partnership that leads economic development strategy for the area within a 60-mile radius of the Raleigh-Durham International Airport and the Research Triangle Park in North Carolina. For more information,

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