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COVID-19 Return-to-Work Monitoring, Management

f2b_1.jpgFor more than 100 days, the global coronavirus pandemic has upended people, communities, and companies. Organizations in the health care, education, and critical infrastructure sectors face unique challenges amid COVID-19; tens of thousands of employees and contractors working across multiple site locations.

Given the asymptomatic spread of the virus and the lack of a vaccine, there is a void in resources for business leaders to safely bring their teams back to workplace environments, especially those with required field site visits and necessary in-person collaboration.

While operational teams shifted to virtual operations worldwide, Triangle-based Ed White, CEO of Field2Base, was collaborating with one Fortune 500 executive to create a technology solution focused on the safe return of global employees to work.

Solution: Digital Boarding Pass for Global Workforces

Weeks after global lockdown orders were initiated, Field2Base client David Price, CTO at Black & Veatch Management Consulting, contacted Ed White to leverage the existing Field2Base technology platform for a f2b_2.jpgnew return-to-work application for the firm. The goal: keep global employees safe while maintaining business continuity efforts as phased re-openings were planned.

During initial conversations, Mr. Price shared a boarding pass concept; a simple, visual, and easily understood way for employers and employees to communicate.

In less than 60 days, this initial conversation between Price and White quickly evolved into what would become CoVoperate, a cloud-based mobile app and platform designed to regulate personnel screening and validate site access for work environments. The solution provides two-way communication using dynamic criteria and approvals for rolling return-to-work and stay-at-home protocols.

The secure CoVoperate platform is hosted by Field2Base and generates an electronic clearance form for the evaluation of return-to-work assessments based on a series of self-declaration screening questions paired with in-person temperature checks. All questions are multi-lingual, configurable, HIPPA-compliant, and audited, with customizable artificial intelligence to provide response hierarchy.

Moreover, the platform provides separate functionality through the Location Assessment Manager which digitizes check-in and check-out data with non-proximity contact tracing. This allows larger, more complex organizations to digitize work flows in one portal to assign levels of approval for people in real-time. And, if someone is exposed to the virus, the app will help determine other people who were in the same location as the infected person for additional next steps.

Field2Base is piloting two new areas of functionality as part of the CoVoperate launch plan: a real-time interface for laboratory test results with Mako Medical; and a Bluetooth interface for temperature probes to be used in hi-speed, rapid mobile health applications – an EZ Pass-like environment for screening people. The company is in active discussions with major laboratory and retail drugstore chains.

Impact: Regional and Global Rollouts

f2b_3.jpgCoVoperate has empowered organizations and employees with two-way communication to keep employees safe – whether there are 200 or 200,000 people in the collective workforce. The app and platform provide scalable and customizable resources to HR and health and safety executives whose roles have taken on new life amid COVID-19.

In addition to traditional responsibilities, these executives are now responsible for the proactive monitoring and management of personnel who may be asymptomatic, have antibodies, or are infected with coronavirus.

Looking ahead, in addition to Black & Veatch, more partner testing and rollouts of CoVoperate are planned this summer at regional and global companies. Of note, Triangle-based Stewart Engineering will deploy CoVoperate this month for a phased approach to return a percentage of its 200 employees back to its workplace location.

“CoVoperate addresses workplace disruption and displacement on a global scale,” said Ed White, “whether that is from COVID, influenza, or hurricanes. This may be the new way of doing business.”

About Field2Base

Founded in 2003, Field2Base, Inc. is a Software as a Service (SaaS) company headquartered in the Research Triangle Region near Raleigh, North Carolina. The Field2Base cloud allows any enterprise organization to rapidly develop digital form templates and mobile apps that replace the use of manual data collection processes in the field. Field2Base products are simple to use, offer powerful customization and integration with existing systems while exceeding industry standards for data security. Field2Base products and services can be found in a variety of market segments including construction, electric/gas utilities, healthcare, agriculture, manufacturing and general field services. More information about Field2Base can be obtained at or by calling 919-462-8500


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