Green is the New Black: The Style and Substance of Cleantech

Being green may not be easy but – now more than ever – it’s essential to our environment, our economy and our future.

And we’re happy to say we’ve jumped right in.

How? By becoming a member of the Research Triangle Cleantech Cluster—a program of the Research Triangle Regional Partnership designed to promote the cleantech market. Specifically, we’re part of a group whose goal is to generate ways to develop cleaner, more sustainable energy alternatives that positively impact the environment and the economy.

According to Lee Anne Nance, managing director of the Research Triangle Cleantech Cluster (RTCC), “ElectriCities has been at the forefront of helping their members modernize and integrate clean technologies into their electric power generation and distribution systems for decades ... promoting economic growth in the communities they serve.”

Nance adds, “Our cluster will benefit greatly from the knowledge, perspective and expertise they bring from serving and connecting the many players involved in meeting the energy needs of customers and communities.”

Note: the current runs both ways.

After all, membership in the RTCC will help ElectriCities stay at the leading edge of grid modernization technologies and closely connected to the organizations that are developing them. What’s more, this exclusive access gives ElectriCities the opportunity to test and deploy innovations, which benefits our overall industry as well as the individual customers we serve.

“Our job is to deliver value to our members,” says Roy Jones, ElectriCities’ chief operating officer. “One of the best ways we do that is by vetting and recommending new technologies, such as smart grid. Collaborating and networking with cluster companies and universities who are on the forefront of smart grid innovation will help us deliver that value.

"It’s a great fit.”

As a member of RTCC, ElectriCities joins more than 500 companies, including major organizations such as ABB, SAS, Siemens, Schneider and Duke Energy. All told, these companies are coming together to fuel technological innovation and energize economic development in the growing cleantech industry within North Carolina and beyond.

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