CleanTech 2.0 Will Come Through Corporate vs. Venture Channels

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When it comes to entrepreneurs and investors, most business people are familiar with the venture capital route as a (potential) path to glory. For example, one such organization is the Research Triangle Region Clean Tech Cluster.   

Research Triangle Cleantech Cluster

(you’ll note that this is not the first time we’ve been tracking big and new things coming out of this area – see blog here).  Led by veteran economic development professionals in what is one of the most dynamic areas for innovation across industries in the U.S., this cleantech cluster is in its second year of operation, having secured the sponsorship and involvement of the types of companies that can help accelerate change … and make it stick.

Board members include the likes of ABB, Cisco, Duke Energy, SAS, Schneider Electric, Sensus, and Siemens … these are all companies with serious market access, which is what clean tech entrepreneurs really need to figure out if, how and where their products and services will really change the world...

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